WFF I'll Be Out Of Reach From 30 Sep-20 Oct

Wait, I'm guessing you just forgot to send me my ticket. I'll be waiting at passenger drop-off. (In the large dog box) Don't forget to check it as live cargo or I might get a little cold.;);)

David Loy

Senior Moment
My brother traveled extensively in England and found a Loy street. Being curious he researched and found that some centuries back there was indeed a Loy clan. The clans often fought among themselves and whatever the crown was at the time. It was customary that the loser was banished from the Isle. Apparently we lost because my ancestors came from Germany on Dad's side, Sweden on Mom's.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
What's a Pollock going to be doing in Ireland. My dad is from England. Newcastle to be exact. Thats right below Scotland. I would of liked to go there when I was younger but never found the time.

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