FS Mcfarland 6'6" 3wt 3pc Raw Glass

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Here's a blank I built out a couple months ago that I'd like to offer here. I've been building rods since 1998 and have been doing so professionally for a couple of years. If you're curious about the quality of builds coming out of my shop, feel free to check out details and photos over the in Rod Photos subforum on the Fiberglass Flyrodders website (my username - and real name - is Marty Romeo), or check out my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Deep-Bend-Rodworks-1484880415125047/) - apologies for the self promotion, just want to assure anyone who's unfamiliar with my work that these are top quality rods that aren't merely assembled but are thoughtfully, durably and individually built with superior components. This one is no exception - and uses almost entirely domestic components (everything except the cork).

McFarland 6'6" 3wt with black nickel Lemke LC1 over maple burl, Snake Brand universals, Arguello agate, 5.75" flor ritz style grip and YLI gold mains/caribbean blue at the junctions. An excellent moderate/moderate-fast small stream rod capable of throwing big dries and dry/dropper rigs and the usual small stream offerings. With custom cut rod sock and aluminum screw-capped tube. Ready to ship at $450 within CONUS.

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Wow, that's a beautiful build on a great blank; someone will get a terrific small stream rod.


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You have every right to self promotion, that is one beautiful Rod!!

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