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Green Tag is virtually impossible to find, .
Well that stinks! I used Green Tag almost exclusively in my Anschutz 1827 Fortner, and never had any misfires. Still have some Ely Match Biathlon and some Lapua Biathlon around, but dammit! I detest the powder smell in both of them.


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Swapped to the lightest trigger spring and then adjusted tension (7.5 ounces fully-relaxed was too light, plus the rifle would bump-fire below 10 ounces.). I ended-up at 13.5 ounces - the action is safe & reliable at this pull weight & it will work well for bench shooting. Now I'll watch for a break in the wind & rain to re-zero & try it at the range. My CZ rimfire rifle education continues . . .
I'll be sticking with my ever faithful 1930's vintage stevens single shot shot gun for now .

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Very cold morning at the range today, but I re-zeroed (close, anyway - shooting with gloves, numb fingers & watery eyes were not ideal conditions, lol.). The sear adjustment & trigger pull are right where I want them and I played with some more ammo brands. I'll wait for a warmer day to get serious, but I accomplished what I needed to do. The Lilja chamber & barrel are quite tolerant of a wide variety of ammunition, although it isn't fond of 1100 fps Norma match rounds (nor am I.).

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Now I'm happy - a calm morning shooting sorted match ammo with the rifle on an F Class bipod showed me what it can do. 5-shot, 50-yard groups using sorted Wolf Match Extra & Lapua Midas+ which both grouped very well. It was tough to see the center of the bull, but I'm pleased. The flier with the Lapua was my bad or all 5 would have been in 1 ragged hole too; Midas+ is a little spendy for my blood, however. Next trip I'll play with action screw torque settings & a limb saver on the barrel, then zero with Wolf. I'm almost there . . .


Jim Ficklin

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That's what I'm thinking. I tried it on the 20" CZ barrel & it didn't do much; I'm guessing I may realize some benefit on the 23" Lilja barrel. That barrel sure shoots nice, though.


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Nice Jim

I like the wolf ammo too but appears to burn a bit dirtier

I have a cz452 looking to upgrade and appreciate your post

What glass did you put on it?

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Nice Jim

I like the wolf ammo too but appears to burn a bit dirtier

What glass did you put on it?
Jim, Ribka triggered a thought. A couple years ago when I was shooting cast bullets benchrest style for small group one thing I learned was the cleanest burning powder usually produced the smallest groups. Might also be that the cleanest (or cleaner) burning rimfire ammo is the best grouping.

Shooting cast bullets is finding a good load and then managing barrel fouling. You need some but don't want too much.

Jim Ficklin

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That is a Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16, Tom.

Great optics & good glass for the money, but if I build another one (I'm contemplating a 455 Varmint Trainer), I'll opt for the same optics, only 6-24. The CZ barrel was quite accurate, but doesn't hold a candle to the Lilja barrel I added. The adjustable sear from Diversified Innovative Products (DIP) & 1 one of their lighter trigger springs made for a creep-free trigger that breaks like glass. Everything I've ordered from DIP arrived the very next day; great folks with whom to do business, as is Lilja.

I haven't really noticed excessive fouling using Wolf; I know the the Match Extra grouped very well out of both barrels. The Lilja barrel is pretty tolerant of pretty much anything I've put through it, except Norma in the white box & I've yet to hear from anyone that they like it. Norma TAC 22 shoots respectable groups & CCI mini Mags easily shoot minute of rodent (and those weren't sorted).
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