NFR what would you pay for a power drifter

just curious afterseeing Bob Ls post on building a drifter. becasue my dad built a 17' all aluminum drift boat 4" draft, powered by a 440cc jet ski motor mounted in the center. it does well over 20mph but is not meant to be a rocket ship. just get you around. the design is original and it works pretty well, just has some misc things to finish. but roughly what is the ball park these are worth?

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Hard to give you a true worth. Since it is one of a kind. I've seen similar boats though with a weld on addition near rear of the boat to house the engine. But not in the center. This was a dropdown housing that would winch up when not in use. Only thing i could really tell you to do is shoot high and see if someone will pay for it. Then start dropping your prices. Especially if it's a newly made boat. A new aluminum sled with inboard sportjet (about only comparison I could do) would run you at least $20k (that's pretty stripped down). But that's from a well known boat maker. Brand new stripped down willie will cost you $4k (but then add the goodies and it goes up). Only problem with "new designs", hard to gauge worth.
You need the services of a boat surveyor. There's one in Squiem that I am going to use when I sell my Oregon Dory. They know the value of things and will write up a full report. Probably one or two hundred but it might well be worth it.
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