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With the Big Meat Swap a great success it's time to start my next swap. (Previous Swap:

The Mini Meat Swap. hqdefault.jpg
Small baitfish, sculpins, leeches, mice, maybe some small articulated stuff. Small is ok just remember theme is mini meat.
Rules are simple. Tie two flies per person. One of one pattern and one of another. Starting new this swap I will require one extra set of flies per person to donate to Jerry for the Veterans. I'll take care of a box and shipping for this. So if ten guys enter total you will tie 10 flies of one pattern and 10 of another with one set going to charity. Ship to me by the deadline which will be around CHRISTMAS. As with all my swaps we will have a group message going on to discuss flies and bs each other.

These swaps have proven to be a lot of fun and we have several guys already signed up from last swap. Get in when you can guys!

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@Kyle Smith
@Travis Bille
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These swaps have been great and looking forward to this one as well. Already working through a few revisions on my first pattern. If it goes well, I'll write up my first SBS from it.


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I fished a few of them yesterday, including your (Squatch's) Mini Buster. 'Drove over to the Yak, knowing that the flows were too high for it to really make sense. Sometimes it's important just to get out, and it did feel good to spend a day on the river even though didn't get so much as a bump.

Sometimes I think I should just put in the time learning the saltwater game.

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