Politicized Science Is A Threat To Science


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I thought this forum was for discussing conservation issues related to fishing.
Ever wonder if anything about the science of fish constitutes conservation? If we misuse science we'll end up completely lost, fisheries included. It isn't Ichthyology only. Fly fishing requires much more than that and conservation includes all of it.


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If you don't think science and conservation have much to do with PNW anadromous fisheries then you are correct. Conservation is political.


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Government funding of science is actually threatening science. Good read for those interested.


Please note the "non-support" of the American Physical Society (APS).

And another...http://www.thegwpf.org/content/uploads/2016/10/PeerReview.pdf
As usual from this poster, highly biased opinion is posed as fact. Director of the GWPF is a social anthropologist. This isn't science, this isn't based on facts, it is uninformed opinion.


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...but it does confirm the poster's thread title - just not the way he was attempting to spin it. It is beyond argument that the overwhelmingly vast majority of politicized science comes from the far right, from the anti-science, Luddite side of the spectrum.
Not unlike the self absorbed far left, we're the smartest folks in the room, who realize that creating a problem that does not exist and then offering a solution that affords the opportunity to drive political agenda. On the contrary, it not beyond argument at all.


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It not what, Freestone?

You and your ilk have, without a shred of success, posited that there is a liberal political agenda to the overwhelming consensus that there is a human impact to global climate change.

On the contrary, there is plenty of proof that the anti-science screed you and your buddies post is politically driven. You just don't know it because your information only comes from sources that use circular reasoning to promote their position.

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