Anyone Fish Pass Lake Lately?

Stopped by there on Thursday and the water was still a foot down from the outlet pipe at the launch. Water clarity looked good with no toxic warning labels.
The water has cleared a bit but there is still toxic algae present regardless of the signs presence (as of 11/11). The rainbows have been very active lately.
The browns have been acting a little off lately... oddly enough. Perhaps they've seen so much streamer in their face that they have lost interest... last time I was out I pulled the streamer out of five of them on the hookset, while I hooked every rainbow that hit.
Pass looks great now, all blue-green algae is gone as of 11/19 and the remnants of the bloom is only present in a few areas. Water clarity has increased to around 5-6 feet in some areas.

Don't overestimate how aggressive the fish are this time of year. This rainbow hit a 4 inch BBU. Both species of trout happily played along yesterday.



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Hit it this morning, fished until about noon, and found it kinda slow. Last week I had one of my best days ever, today...not so much. Got a couple including one pig but I found them few and far between....which is much more common for me ;).

The wind was a bugger at times, but, all in all it was a good day. Always cool to see a kingfisher or two and have the otter family stop by to check things out.

The algae was concentrated on the east side of the lake, along the reeds. The rest was clear.
The lake will unfortunately slow down as the weather gets cold.
Im still hoping for one more big fish this year. Have missed several due to bad hooksets.
The browns were doing their weird "spawning" thing again. I got one of them to bite but he just nipped the tail.
Caught two doing dumb stuff. One time just reeling line in (last cast, finishing up) and then trolling a chub in the middle of the lake... where no fish should be feeding on chubs... while eating pizza with one hand.


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while eating pizza with one hand

Gotta love it! Heck if I didn't catch fish doing dumb stuff my numbers would be cut in half :)

I, too, was hoping for a repeat of last Sunday. And although the numbers weren't high. The pig I got was a beauty. Nice rosy red. What a treat. And the otters are always cool, too. Sure beat my last work week :)

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