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Hi: I'm new to the kids are now in college and now have some time to try fishing again. I have been at McMurrey and Armstrong up in the Arlington area, plus a bit at Shoecraft and Ki.

Not having great results in either my float tube:(I keep it in my minivan now that I dont haul kids to soccer and basketball and cheer events)...or my 12 ft. boat. Ive used sink lines with wolly buggers and various flys.

Is there someone in my area that needs a fishing partner/student? or could give me advice on a good local lake.. and the method.
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Try Pass lake over by deception pass. this is a good place to start as there are plenty of good size fish and it is a flyfishing only lake. put in at the boat ramp on the south end of the lake. tie on a black, brown or olive maribuea leach, about size 6L or 8L. sink it to the bottom and them strip or troll very slow. I have caught a lot of fish there this year, last saturday most recently, using those flies. you could also try choronomids in black or a brassie or something with a red body. you'll see most of the other fishermen on the lake using choronomids with varying degrees of success. I prefer the leaches or damsels or wooly buggers myself. just keep in mind that the fish are going to be closer to the bottom even though you might see an occasional fish rise.
kick around the southern half of the lake until you get a strike, which usually are pretty light. once you've hooked the fish hold on as they are very good fighters. The 'bows will come up toward your tube then take a mad dash back toward the bottom or dance on the surface and then take a run. Don't play them too long as this is a catch and release fishery.
Lake fishing around here is usually about the only place you find trout. The streams and rivers are fished for steelhead, salmon, dollies and searun cutts, which is another experience altogether. Living in Arlington you have the N. Fork of the Stilly which throughtout the year can give you a lot of enjoyment as well. If you want to fish rivers for trout try the Yakima or head over to Idaho and give the St. Joe a try.
Good luck and have fun. Remember, there is never a bad day fishing it's just the catching can be a little slow sometimes.


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The lakes you speak of are hard to fish with fly gear. This time of year is not good either, because the water is warming up and fish are going down. Mornings and evenings are your best bets. Also, the Stilly is a good fishery. Try the North Fork because it's fly fish only now. Remember that chironomids account for a large portion of a fish's diet. It's slow fishing but will produce results if you find the zone thet're feeding at. If you want to venture into the salt, try Kayak Point beaches for sea-run Cutts. Clousers, candlefish, and shrimp patterns. Don't forget your boat or your waders...look for cover areas like downed timbers and such...
Pass Lake is probably better for fly fishing, albiet crowded on weekends. Use big buggers and streamers on intermediate lines for the browns along the north shore out from the launch. Be aware of submerged snags along that area. Pass Lake is great when the sun goes down...

Techniques, don't just troll, work the flies, too many fishers just troll around in their tubes. Cast, count down, strip back according to the fly you're using. With leeches, use slow foot long strips with a second or two pause.
Look at the water, what kind of bugs are there? Are there shucks on the water?

Fish a lot!!! Learn, catch more fish as you learn. Keep a log, what worked, how deep were you, how was it stripped?

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I might be old---but I'm good.

So your looking for a fishing partner. I'm always on the look out for some one close to me to fish with. It seem that when ever I look for some one to fish with the only ones that answer are the ones that I have to travel a long distance to fish with. But I don't mind driving just to fish(have car-will travel).

I see that you have fished your local lakes. Give Sixteen a try. Just up the road towards the freeway.

I'm going to go and Fish the N/Fork of the Stilly tomorrow. Going to meet one of my far away fishing buddies. Going to meet at o'dark thirty at Hazel. He wants to meet at dawn,but being as I'm retired. That is just to earily for me,so I will get there about 0600. Or O-MY-GOD time. Jim S.
Shoecraft actually fishes really well this time of year with a full sinking line and a #12 olive damsel nymph or woolly bugger. Just strip out most of your type 2 full sinking line and slow troll with a twitch. Pass is also fishing very well if you are there at the right time. Chironomids are working well in the morning and early afternoon. Everything slows down in the late afternoon, but you can get an occasional fish using various techniques and patterns. Late evening is very good, also using various techniques including slow trolling (I mean very slow!) a #14 or 16 lt pink or clear (pearl crystal flash) scud, or cast and troll with a twitch or strip retrieve a #12 black or olive woolly bugger, etc.

I am at Kayak Point, drop me an email if you want to hook up.

Chris Grieve
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