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Will yours have coordinated pant and shirt too??
Mine has a skirt! And I am slightly OCD so the lights will be perfectly strung with just the right amount of space and I always work hard to try to hide the wires. I can make myself fairly crazy. My two brothers know how particular I am about my tree and when they come over they like to take a bunch of the same colored ornaments and bunched them all together on one branch to get me going!

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My mother used to spend hours hanging them icicles. She would fill the tree up with them.

But I hate Christmas time. To damn many people with their hands out and then get pissed when they didn't get what they wanted. My family is a greedy bunch of nobodies.

Jim Ficklin

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The OL used to spend hours placing 'icicles' on our xmas trees...and our critters spent the late evening hours eating 'em. Together they created some fukin' festive xmas turds and hairballs.
I remember those experiences and others - dogs drinking tree water (evidently to wash-down the icicles/tinsel), drilling & fitting extra branches for that full, bushy look, a couple trees that "timbered," a Green-Winged Macaw roosting in our tree, chasing a yipping Shih-Tzu/Chainsaw cross through the yard so I could extract tinsel-woven "dingle-bells," the tree that came home with a dead squirrel in it, hunting for that ONE faulty mini light in the strand, cleaning-up needles from the carpet after the fact . . . but it was all fun when the Kids were little. "Getting the tree," tubing, and the annual winter picnic were always a blast. Now all of my indoor & outdoor decorations have been bequeathed to the Kids (including my robust, welded Christmas tree stand that will NEVER result in a tip-over) & I no longer risk life & limb scaling the roof top. The Kids & their Mom decorate so I have 3 places to visit to revel in Christmas cheer. Works for me. I did consider placing a laser projector out front to wash the exterior of the house with stars, but figured that would just get vandalized or stolen.

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