early season trout flies

These are nice flies and fun to look at. But I personally only fish one fly in early spring and that is a chironomid. Generally black and white. I try to not to overdress the fly, but rather I try to keep them very thin and even in large sizes like a number ten, I dress sparingly. I prefer size 16 but it is often 18 that gets the best action. :thumb:

Bob, the Good luck with those bugs; I'd like to try them maybe. :cool:
Andy, I have been tying for about 5 years. Yes i am left handed.

That "hopper" is a skwala stoneflie which should in action in about a month and a half.

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Dan, i tie left handed too, i couldn't imagine tying righty... Anyways, i need to get in on the skqualla action this year. That double bead nymph would work on steelie around here. I have been tying for 7 years btw, started with moms sewing thread and feathers from a friends chicken.

That is one of my main streamer patterns. I fhish it in montana on a full sinking type 6 and it is unbeleivable. It takes a while to tie though is the only thing.

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