Pattern Dahlberg Diver

Heading to Ascencion Bay this coming spring. I may have mentioned this already. Anyways, searching around the web I have come up with quite the list of flies to tie. I'm sure I'll only use 10% of them, but it sure is fun to tie up some flies I really have no experience with. And of course, it's fun to collect all the new materials required to tie these flies. I now have every color of congo hair (EP Fibers substitute) available.

I have always been intrigued by spinning and stacking deer hair, but have never really "needed" it, or taken the time to try it. Sure, I've done a bit here and there on muddlers and some conehead streamers, but not to the extent of creating an entire head of tightly stacked/spun deer hair with multiple colors. When I saw these Dahlberg Divers on my list, I was a little intimidated, but a little excited as well to give it a try. They aren't perfect, but I think they came out alright. I followed the color scheme and overall profile pretty closely, but added a couple of my own touches.

Dahlberg Diver.jpg

Hook: TMC U502 1/0
Thread: White 3/0 MFC
Tail: White Marabou
Legs: 1 Red Saddle hackle inside, 2 white Neck hackle outside
Flash: FTD Red Crystal Web
Rubber Legs: Red w/Black Speckle Perfect Round Rubber legs & Sand w/speckle Sili Legs
Collar: White, Red, and Black Deer Belly Hair
Head: Same as collar
Eyes: 5mm FTD Yellow Pearl eyes

Eyes are a little too far back on the head. Head isn't that clean, with some colors overlapping where they shouldn't be. I think they will fish, even with some imperfections. Picture is from my phone so its just kind crappy. Critiques welcome.


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If that won't catch fish I don't know what will. I'd bet after a couple landed fish that all divers look the same no matter if they took 30 minutes to tie or an hour.

Shawn West

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Very good work. I have tied many Dahlbergs in my time. I would fish yours in a second. Keep up the good work.



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