South End Report

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Beautiful fish! You rule! Thanks for the flooding pics. I was wondering if I should renew my Discover Pass or hold off until Dec. I've been getting by all month so far with just my WDFW Access tag for any fishing, and I know where to park for free around here, and can drive on the beach (ocean beaches here are considered state highways, 25mph speed limit). Don't even need one when riding a bike, also.


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I tried but cant read the sign no matter how much I blew it up! But now I have some hints ...............
Really not secret spots for those that frequent MA 12. Think State Parks.
There are probably a 1,000+ white buoys between there and where I fished. ;)

Good luck to everyone out there this coming turkey day holiday.
We'll likely be dealing with some dirty water come Black Friday, at least near creek mouths.
Thursday looks ugly.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Decided to take the day off today since it was dead at the office yesterday.
Headed south and started fishing white buoy beach around 10:00. NOAA was way off on the wind forecast with the wind building to whitecaps by midday.

Had planned to fish till about 3:00 but bagged it early. Glad I did as it took me nearly three hours to get home with the holiday traffic.

Fishing was good with some nice fish to hand. Used the same orange and UV copper polar chenille belly clouser. By the end of the day, most of the bucktail had been chewed off.
The thinner and more tattered it got, the better it fished.

November is by far my favorite month to fish searuns in the salt.
A few pics from today.

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Aha! Now I finally recognize that beach! ;)

Beautiful fish Brian. Thanks for sharing.

The wind was brutal at my house when I got up this morning. Elected to stay home and be lazy.

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