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I'm looking for a good all around line for my 6'6" Cabela's CGR 4wt. glass rod. I have heard that DT lines work well for glass rods, but this is my first glass rod so any suggestions are appreciated. I am mostly looking to fish drys and small nymphs, so I'm leaning toward something with a fairly delicate taper. A brand new $80 line is not in my budget, so hopefully someone has a line laying around that they wouldn't mind getting rid of.

PM me with any and all offers/suggestions.

Thanks for looking.

Jeff Dodd

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I bought that same ro Great Lakes Steel. I have not cast it much, but I did cut back an old wf4f head until it felt about right and have been using that when fishing lakes.

Sorry, I am cheap! Look forward to hearing what line you settle on.



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Believe it or not-they still make the classic Cortland 444 peach line that has been a standard for almost 50 years. They are better than ever and can be bought on line for around $42. These are double taper lines so it is like buying 2 lines and they have always mated up well to glass rods. I'm sure you could spend a lot more on a 'modern' line but those lines would probably be happier on a faster rod.

Randall Clark

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Cortland 444 4wt (either WF or DT, your choice) works great with that rod, but for budget lines, I've always gone with Hook and Hackle Hi-float. made by Cortland and cheaper and are a great match for most glass rods (and perfect for the 4wt CGR). They are slightly thinner than the 444 Peach (closer to the old Sylk they used to have).

Mike Melfa

I Have one New Classic Cortland DT 444 peach line that has been a standard for almost 50 years. perfect for that rod. $30 shipped

David Loy

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The Rio Gold (original, non InTouch) is good on glass rods. They are a bit heavier than standard, but a good all around line. That extra weight helps fishing in close and also with indie rigs or streamers. The original version has a more relaxed rhythm, like glass

On second thought though, a 4wt isn't really a indie or streamer weight. I'd go with a DT, and have on mine.
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Wow, thanks everyone for the fast responses, suggestions, and offers. It seems like the general consensus is the Cortland 444 DT, so I've decided to take Mike up on his offer.

I will let you all know how it works out - thanks again.
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