Swap Winter Steelhead Swap

Kind of sad I have not seen many swaps pop up lately. Few years back I hosted a winter swap and it turned out good.


Stinger, traditional, tubes, weighted, un-weighted all welcome NO BEADS. shoot for single fly with 9 spots (tier ties 8 flies) all stingers, junction tubbing and toe tags must be included with your flies.

Due date will be the end of december but will be discussed as a group. If you can't be done by that time then please skip this swap

1. Myself (steelie blue un weighted tube)
2. JohnB (Black n Copper Leech)
3. PhilR (hoh bo)
4. Rod Wittner (hoh bo)
5. bjornjon (leech)
6. steve s (TBD)
7. Randall Clark (Bead head Leech'ish ;))
8. B_illymac (TBD)
9. Chris Johnson (TBD)
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wait, so no beads as in filthy trout beads or brass bead heads (or cone heads)? If I can put a bead head or conehead on, I'll get in on that...Dolly Llama variant.
mine will be something along the lines of this:

I'm playing around with slight variances to get it to exactly how I want it for the swap, but it'll be pretty close to this (on the bright side, I'll have a bunch of "blem's" to fish with)...

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