Last Eastside Trip For 2016

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Spent a couple of days at one of the well known selective gear lakes over the weekend. Camped out and was the only one in the campground, go figure.

Friday, the only one on the lake but had the company of the ravens, magpies, geese and numerous other water fowl. Didn't fish long on Friday but was rewarded with some very nice, colorful big bows. Saturday, was pretty much the same with a range on sizes from 10" to 19". Very healthy fish and that bodes well for the spring. Had some company on Saturday, three others on the lake. The weather was very decent with a few periods of drizzle, no to light wind.

I certainly didn't see any evidence of the predicted storms on the pass. Just didn't happen as far as I could see.

Nice way to close out the year on the eastside.

The rest of the season will be spent on the wet side.



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Dang, don't you just hate crowds?;):D
Nice to hear that the fish are in good shape and that there's a variety of sizes/age classes.
If they winter well it should be a good spring.

Jeff Dodd

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Glad you got out Scott, as well as over and back without the hustle of compact snow and ice!

Your post has me looking forward to spring already!

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