Pattern Royal Wulff Stimulater

Here is a stimulater that tied today.
Tail: Golden Pheasant tippit
Body: Peacock herl/ Red Floss
Wing: Elk hair
Hackle: Grizzley and brown or furnace
Hook: 10 4x long
This was tied by Caroline on the WSU tying show on T.V. this morning (01.15.05) She fishes it on the St Joe, Madison, Clark Fork Rivers with much success.


The story is when Lee Wulff was asked what this fly was an imitation of he replied "Strawberry Shortcake" :p
Here is dessert boy and girls come and get it.
jesse clark
This is kinda comment on semantics, but thats a royal wulff, not a stimulator. A stimulator is a stonefly. Both these flies are used for searching, or stimulating fish. But that is nowhere close to a stimulator, as it looks exactly like a royal wulff only the elk hair is pulled back like a stonefly not straight up like the normal wulff.

But, I will give you props because back in my days on the Spokane, I used alot of royal coachmans, very similar to your wulff.
Royal Stimulator is a Randall Kaurmann pattern from his Stimulator series. It is a down wing fly and it works pretty well as a skater for steelhead.
Good Tying,
Les Johnson
It is interesting to see this post surface again after a year!! I fished this fly on the St Joe this last weekend (july 14-16) with success. There are some runs with very rough, heavy water that hold some nice fish during the hot part of the day. This fly will stay afloat through most of that water. I like the pattern because of that and it is easy to see with my old eyes.:thumb:
jesse clark


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Okay, to be a nitpicker to be a stimulator it needs a body hackle like an Elk Hair Caddis and deer or elk hair tail for durability. To be a Royal Trude the wing should be white calftail. So lets split the difference and call it an elk hair royal trude? :confused:

Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
Besides the nitpicking of what this fly should be called, the coloration is beautiful and this is one of the nicest amateur fly photos I've seen. The feather tail and the peacock body won't make it float very well, however. A short elkhair tail would make a big difference. I hardly use any dries with peacock just because it loves to soak up water, and without gold ribbing it breaks pretty easily.
I Love the fly.

I'm a fan of peacock and have caught a lot of fish with peacock body flys.

I would use a red calf tail for the tail and make a peacock rope with your tying thread so it would be more durable.
Perfect Jesse...Was looking for a fresh idea for a special river here in the Interior of British Columbia...This Royal Wulff of yours will perform well on freestone and spring-fed water....Good variation and good pic....Thank You ! Will begin tying tomorrow...(Denim Pine)

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