Help...what did I catch?

I was on Coldwater lake on Thursday. a combination of wind and rain made for challenging float tube conditions....none the less, it was my first time there and just being in a lake created by the Mt. St. Helens eruption was a thrill in it self.
I was using an olive wooly bugger, but hooked only 1 fish. This is where I need some help. As I have never fished Washington State (from Ontario, Canada) My ability to identify the local species is not the greatest. The fish I caught was 17 inches long and extremely fat. As I had never caught a cutthroat before, I assumed that what I had was indeed a cutthroat. However, the fish had a dark topside, fading into red and then into a brilliant gold mid section and belly. In the haste to get the fish back in the water, my partner took only 2 pictures, of which I can not see the dorsal fins, spots etc. to help in the identification....
Is this a cutthroat or is there any chance that this was a golden trout? I can honestly say it is the most beautiful trout I have caught and pound for pound, fought like the brookies of Labrador... Thanks!


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
tough to call, but based on what I know about the fish of washington, I would say that it is a cutthroat.

I would suggest that you take a tour of the net, looking for golden trout images, then tell us, since you brought the topic up.

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