Favorite Combo Oars And Oar Locks

I had Sawyer Mini-Cobra oar locks on my 11' Pontoon boat (sold the boat this past Spring - with Cataract Mini-mags) - identical to the full size Cobras only smaller obviously. On top of the increased range of motion you get which would make the oars less likely to pop out of the Cobra oar lock in a sticky situation (which may or may not be beneficial, but if you need your oar to not pop out it's probably a good thing), I found that the Mini-Cobras didn't beat the shit out of and dig into the rope wrap as much as other oar locks I used due to the nature of the Cobra's curved or angled mating surfaces cradling the with rope wrap/oars. Not having to re-do the rope wrap on your oars as much for only what, $10 more per oar lock, is a good thing me thinks.

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