Canadian-American 2005 Fishing Championship

To all my Sporkie (Canadian imitation of Spam) friends. I think the boys are linning up on the middle of April. Remember we are warmer down here. No definite date as yet, would April 15, 16 and I7 be okay? Can't please everybody so some will get burned. We just have to try to please the greatest number.

Bob, the trip will be my birthday present. I was born on April 10, 1937 (Great Depression bady and still depressed). :D
Well Bob, I don't think you are too bad. Jim. :rofl:
As luck would have it the 15th of April is my birthday. Nice of you to think of such a nice present. :thumb:

Floon, the awww you shouldn't have. :rofl:
Holy Moly, it's gonna be a birthday BONANZA!!!!! ptyd
Do they have Fireball on that side of the border?? ;)

Perhaps we should be camping there. I don't want a microscope enima when I head back across the border. :beathead:

It sems April was a GOOD month :thumb:
All welcome as long as you have a witness fishing with you from the opposing country.
Tournament starts at noon on Sat.. You can fish before then if you like but the fish you catch don't count.
A gun, my .44 mag. Ruger Mark V single action six shot will get us started.
Three shots, precisely at noon. Then all fish begin to count, regardless of size. One point each, 2 points if over 18".
Phase one is over at Five P.M. More shots. You can continue to fish but the fish caught won't count. Social Sat. night at the campground.
Sun. Same deal but from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m Awards at four. Dinner at five. Fish into the night if you like, many guys will fish for the browns, but the fish don't count in the tournament.
Alpine Trout, the American captain will verify the amount of points that we have earned.
Floon, the Canadain Captain, will announce his teams results.
bob Lawless will be the Grand Mukti anad will settle all disputes as long as his ammunition holds out.
Highest point total wins.
You must fish with a witness. An American will be assgined to a Canadain to keep an eye on him and make friends.
Vice versa. Names will be taken for bragging rights.

All fish caught during the time of the tournament must be released. Miinus five points for each trout kept.

No shooting at Americans whatsoever.

Only flies and fly gear can be used and all water craft must be at anchor when fishing. No trolling.

May the best country win.

We need some sort of a trophy. The trophy will be kept by the winning team's captain but must be made available again next year when the venue will be in Canada if we can get our guns pass the border.

bob, the :confused: any changes necessary? :confused:
Being a shifty, Canuck, we want to hear your total first. :thumb:

Speaking for the traveling side (read away team) I suggest the second day start and finish a little earlier. We have a country to run over here that strangely, doesn't get this odd all by itself. We work at it.
Now we won't bring any of our demon water (beer) so most of you should be able to get up before say, 9am.
That gives you 1 hour to reload yer rifles, rustle up some chow (you say that don't you?) and sing the Star Spangled Banner if we start at 10. :rofl: We on the other hand may need the entire hour to relieve ourselves of large amounts of your "Sparkling Pure Water With No Presevatives". :beer1:
3 more hours, of serious fishing complete with dirty tricks, jeering, and general mayhem (as long as it doesn't spook the fish :ray1: ) and then it's time for us to try and be polite and not say "I told you so". ;)
Then it's time for the ceremoney yada, yada, yada.

S'okay? Que Pasa? Enchilada? Tortilla....?
The not nearly Spanish Floon.
Fine by me, Floon. I just thought that by noon everybody would have a chance to get to Dry Falls, make some sort of camp, experiment a little, find thier foreign partner, try out a few things, you know some secret stuff, stuff you have never even dreampt about, and then noon and BOOM, BOOM, BOOM and we're off to some serious counting.

But, since you are the guests, 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time is fine with me. Just be ready to get in the boat around 2:00 AM! :rofl: :rofl:

Bob, the What's better than to clean the clock of a Canadian? Clean the clock of a bunch of Canadians. :cool:
Welcome, John,

You'll like Dry Falls although it resembles a bowl of cheerios at times because of its popularity. It opens up to fishing a little earlier that your plateau because it is more southern and of a lower elevation.

Anyway, we will have a ton of fun. Fish lots of big pink moth imitations, size 2 or larger. :rofl: They can be hot! The lake usually has a big moth hatch everyday. You just have to patient and wait for it to happen. Don't tell the Americans I gave you this tip as it might be construed as consorting with the enemy.

Bob, the Small kittens get chucked in the lake every now and again by the locals. You might want to tie a few imitations using road kill. Make 'em bushy! Black and white has been the most popular color.:cool:
Bob, as long as you are giving out patterns, how about the swimming snake fly with tail rattles optional :D

And I for one won't sleep on the ground in that area. :thumb:

Geeez, Wet Line,

We are trying to get these guys down here; now you go and try to spook them away. OK, I'll out with the truth: five years ago it was reported that a rattlesnake was seen in the area by a woman who turned out to be drunk (big local problem). What she thought was a rattler proved to be a garter snake of some sort.
Although large (2 meters), it was still a diamond backed water snake. She killed it with her foot :confused:

Bob, the Not to worry :beer1:

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?

I believe that Dry Falls is a part of Sun Lakes State Park in which the discharge of firearms is forbidden. Was me, I'd be looking into bringing along a boater's air horn instead of your .44 mag. Unless of course you don't mind having it seized as evidence . . .


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