And in my ark I'll have 2 steelhead, two of each trout species...

Somebody in a boat wanna bring me a pizza? I'll supply the beer.
It doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere for a while. Kinda wish I hadn't been spending time on the Internet, but had gone shopping.

The good news is you can fish 2-bit from the road:
Last night my house shook so bad that both my neighbor and I (he lives quite a ways away) went running out into our yards. I thought we were going to slide into the road.
It would be wise to limit your travel in the next few days if you can. A lot of rain like this loosens big boulders that come roaring down on the roads.
Be careful anywhere where there is a big bluff of rocks and you are traveling along up close. Keep your eyes open and your hard hat on.

Bob, the All this wind isn't helping things either. :beathead:

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