Scenes From The River (nooksack)

Charles Sullivan

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Dikes, water withdrawals both surface and ground, legal and illegal, AG right up to and into the lower tribs and S. Fork, discharges to surface water, the list goes on.
Tribes operate the coho fishery as a wipe out fishery. The state does not object at all. South fork Spring kings were wiped out by logging and AG. Chum runs are relatively good. Pink's are OK. Winter Steelhead are remarkably stable.
My home river does as much as it can. No one seems to treat her well.

Go Sox,
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This is one of those situations where there is more than enough blame to go around. Logging on the S. Fork? The diversion damn on the M fork? Manure and agri chem runoff in the main stem? And yeah, hatcheries and even derelict nets. They all play their part.

It's a mixed bag. Like I said, lots of blame to go around.
No Josh I disagree! As I said earlier I've lived on or around the Nooksack 59 years and counting. I went to to grade school, middle school and high school with members of the Lummi Tribe. I lived on the Lummi Reservation for more than two years. They have have been my friends and neighbors. I was a supervisor in a fab shop at one time where a friend /worker for me was a member of the Lummi tribe. I hate it but unless they have changed recently they like to show us how they own the environment and we don't. I have numerous close friends whom are Aleut and I know much of Native American culture and in many ways admire it. I have lived on the banks of the Nooksack for 25 years. The Nooksack has been under assault by the Lummi Tribe and more recently the Nooksack Tribe for as long as I have been alive. Could we as stewards do more...sure, end hatchery's and get the state to stop selling timber on 30% grades would be a good start.

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