Jon Brengan

flyfishing addict
Hi all,
Well I made it up to the Sky yesterday, it was running pretty thin and clear in the AM. Didn't get anything, except cold and wet. The wind was howling and I even considered just hanging it up, but there's something there that told me it couldn't be that bad all day. I walked up river from Ben Howard Rd. - up to the hole accrossed from where the Wallace dumps in - by then ~9:30 The river was starting to color up well. The fishing improved - I didn't manage to land any fish yesterday, but I got 2 on, one ran me into my backing twice before he LDR - :mad: Well it sure warmed up my feet. Later in the afternoon I raised another nice fish in a long drift that had worked well when the salmon were still running. I fished my way back down river and quit at 2:45. I was thoroughly satisfied w/ another day on the river. I didn't manage to get anything to the bank, but I got some good memories, to get me through the lean times ahead as the rivers flood, once again.
Well I just had to share.

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