Pass Lake on Thursday?

It looks like the rivers are gone for a while, anyone up for a trip to Pass on Thurs? Myself and Icanfly will be there for the afternoon/evening.

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
I've been itching to try some new wooly variations that I made up. But, oh yea with this warmth the bugs will be out. It should be a good weekend to get out.

Big R

El pescador desesperado
Hey guys, I'm thinking about heading to pass lake this weekend (First time there) since I dont think I will be doing any river fishing soon. Any advice for a Pass Lake newbie? patterns? depths?

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
I've always had pretty good luck with, with buggers on a sloooow strip along the banks. Chronomids in the middle and if the conditions are right, you can use a muddler or mickey finn to get a Monster Brown to honor you a peak at him. The lake is VERY tempermental, but it's also VERY rewarding with beautiful fish (when you catch them) scenery, and relaxation. I'll be there on Saturday in a Yellow float tube. Come by and say hi.