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I have for sale a never fished Echo Glass 7110-4. Just test casted a day with an OPST 325 grain commando head on a lake. A super fun rod to cast but I have a few 7 weight switches already. I have rod tube and sock and will send pics by text or email. $190 shipped to you and covers paypal.

Dustin Porter
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I'm burnt on cash or I would snap this up in a heart beat. I fished this rod for a day on the Klick this fall. Its unreal. Probably the most fun spey casting rod I've ever casted...which isn't a lot but I've cast enough. It was my guide buddies rod and he let me use it. He said that his 1200$ Burkheimer just sits in the boat to often because this rod is just too fun. Its a noodle but I was throwing T-11 with weighted flies and it went out surprisingly well. Easily could overcast it on the klick but not sure it would throw far enough for Deschutes. Who knows tho. You just have to shorten your stroke and stop early and it'll just launch like a ridiculous sling-shot. When you get it right (easy to do) it just leaves you laughing. I will absolutely own one of these someday.

Randall Clark

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agreed, someone needs to snatch this up. I'm finding every excuse to fish mine, the thing is just too much fun! overhanging branches that force you to make a half arsed side-arm cast? no problem...it's just too forgiving and too fun!
Right on man, thanks for the reply! I have an equal pleasant experience with this rod. I honestly might kick myself in the butt for this one! I find myself picking up my Ross Reach 7119-4 more and more for everything and see this one will sit and not get enough love.
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