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Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
According to His Lordship, the Right Honorable Alexander MacDonald of Lochaber (aka; himself...); scale is 1 to 10
Glenfidich 15---I'll give it a 4
Finlaggan (found only at Trader Joe's)---7
Lagavulin 16---8
Laphroaig 18---8 (ten year-old, and you're picking out the peat twigs...)
Highland Park---anything less than 25 is ok to use in your car radiator.
Glenlivet 12---6 Older is better
Glenmorangie--Pride `78--IF you can find we're talking here!
Bunnahabhain Ceobanach....NOW WE'RE TALKIN`!! that's a 15 in my book!

What does `is Lordship drink regularly? Clan MacGregor--it's cheap, there's more of it, and after the 4th or 5th dram, who gives a damn about the taste anyway! We can discuss the "two fingers" measure later:D

Anybody else??
Great reviews Alex, I agree with your Laphroaig and HP reviews. I've been enjoying local single malt tonight, Westland peated. Pretty freaking good, finishes with a bit of a bite, but for a local daily drinker it's freaking good. I'm not a bourbon or rye guy so this is the first local spirit I've really enjoyed.

I went through an Oban 14 run, loved it, but felt they're was better for the money.

My prize bottle right now is a Mackinlays Rare old single malt, a recreation of Shackleton's whiskey they found in his Antarctic hut. It's harsh in a good way, and I'm kind of a south and north pole exploration addict, so it means a lot to picture those guys having a pull off the same bottle. It's too expensive for me to buy, I won it in a Seahawks/Patriots superbowl bet.

Thanks for throwing the pick Wilson!

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Great summary, Alex!

I worked with many Scotsman while overseas and they gave me insights on their favorites (usually located near their home). I learned to favor the highlands more so than the peats. Many of the peats were from distilleries in the north, however, I found one from the Isle of Orkney that knocked my socks off!

At the time, Scapa made a 16 year old that was outstanding. The 16 is no longer available and has been replaced with a 12 year old. Please see the website, its a great story for a whiskey that I highly recommend....they only have 5 employees (artisans).

Beyond that, the Balvenies mentioned above are really good.

Happy New Year,
Bill K.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Scotch is like anything, it's influenced by your taste buds. No right or wrong answers or right or wrong ratings when it comes to your own tastes.

I don't care for Islays, Islands, and most Highlands whiskies. I prefer Speysides, Lowlands, and some Lower Highland distilleries. Not a fan of the iodine taste associated with the water and heavy peat used for the malting process. Had some Lagavulin 16 at New Year's last night. Tried it because I have a ton of friends who highly suggested it. Nope, a big negative for this kid. Went back to the Scotch I had with me, Tamdhu 10. Another board member was there last night and he had One of my favorites I had to steal off, Oban distillers Edition.

Some of my favorite distilleries are....

I do drink quite a few others, mostly Speysides.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
I may have to update the "list" here! Found a Bunnahabhain called Eirigh na Greine, (morning sky in the Gaelic) that won last year's Silver Medal. Sounds like a wonderful scotch! It ain't cheap, either, but I'm getting too old to drink garbage like Grant's anyway......:eek:


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I used to drink a lot of Scotch, the one I liked was Speyburn; it was affordable and came in a cool dark green can that you can use to store all your spare change. I'm sure that to true Scotch connesuiers it was swill!

I once forked over some crazy amount of $ for a bottle of Laphroaig, thinking it was going to be awesome, but it tasted like someone had stubbed out a cigarette in my glass. Terrible, it took me almost a week to finish that bottle! [emoji4]

My drink now of choice, when I have a whisky hankering is that Pendelton Canadian. Not scotch but goes down easy.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Visiting Total Wine and More I tasted a Carlyle, blended but tasty to me, but then I'm Irish. :D Jameson is my house whiskey.
I keep a supply of Jameson in the house too. That's my Irish whiskey easy drinker. The Midleton Very Rare and the Jameson Gold Reserve are my Irish whiskies for special occasions.
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