What's That.. An Odd # Year?! Pink Stink 2017


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Millions slimers are forecast to return to Washington state this season. That's a million reasons to skip work, ditch the kids, neglect your significant other and spend time on the water trying to trick a fish to eat something pink... or green or anything.

Things to expect this year:

1. 2x the amount of Fukushima radiation!
2. Crowds at your favorite top secret Point No Lincoln coho beach
3. Daily prizes from Orvis using the hashtag #orvispinkbuzzbombaward

****To enter be sure to post a picture of you and your pink salmon with no less than one middle finger in the photo. Be sure to use the above hashtag to qualify. ****

I leave you with the grand prize winner from last season. Recipient of a brand new used pink buzzbomb and Sage X 890.



*orvis is the name of my dog and is in no way affiliated to Orvis Fly Fishing so definitely don't send Orvis Bellevue's social media dm's ;)
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Evan Burck

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This will be my first season without pinks in my own back yard (moved away from Pugetropolis). Hopefully I'll have a chance or two to come up and get stinky. I'll miss fishing for them every day.
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My son is 6 now. I can't wait to take him out this fall for pinks! I'll have to get the smoker going. That's really the only way I can eat humpys. They're pretty good smoked. The flavor isn't so bad - they're just too mushy for me.
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This year is all about Wilderness Pinks for me and by that I mean hiking into some remote locations on Vancouver Island where there are 8 to 10 pound bulldog pinks and finding some vacant estuaries and beaches and hopefully going after some springs and a few early coho as well.... but going to bump elbows with everyone at one of the canal beaches on the way to and from Vancouver Island to be sure....


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The haters got an early start but the enthusiasts are gaining strong.
This should be entertaining.

I am enthusiast. Pink salmon fishing on the fly in the salt is great fun for an inland guy like me.

And pink fresh from the salt and eaten the same day is as good or better than a variety of anadromous fish caught way inland.



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Still a long time til the slimers get here. I'll be ready when they do.

That is, IF they show up and if the state can negotiate a season :(
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i have too many "pink" fly patterns to list now. every 2 years i go on a pink salmon craze of tying almost anything that comes in my head. then they sit there for a year until another odd year craze comes along again.
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