Lamson Liquid 3-pack For Beach Fishing Lines.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I spooled up my Airflo 40+ floating line and the type I clear intermediate. The size 2 reel's spools fill up with a 90' standard length 6 wt fly line and 100 yds of 20# test backing. I only had some 30#test here, so I used that under my 120' long 40+line. I was able to get only 75 feet of 30# on under the 40+, but (after a good 70'+ cast) there will be about 30-40 feet or so of running line left on my spool before its into the backing, so I'll still have 100+ feet of running room if a good fish takes off. I'll maybe re-spool with 20# backing, but I've never had a cutthroat run off that much line, and I think that with the Lamson drag that I could easily stop and turn a Coho before my arbor knot gets worried.

Perhaps the 3.5 Liquid reel,with more capacity, would be a better choice for spooling the 120' long Airflo 40 + lines.
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