Bugs In The Water

One tool I have used to have more success while fishing is to look up videos online and to read up on how "bugs" swim and move about underwater. I've also taken underwater footage myself and watched "bugs" move and float throughout the water column. I'm probably not the first guy to do this but I highly suggest it to anyone looking for more success. I have used this to better imitate scuds in slow moving water and plan to research more on nymphs in faster moving streams and rivers. Has anyone seen any success doing this?


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Hi flybum101-

Welcome to (or perhaps back to) the Flyfishing Entomology forum. That is an interesting question you pose. Although I have not personally shot any underwater videos, the groundbreaking work of Ralph and Lisa Cutter certainly comes to mind. In any event, I will be interested in seeing what experiences others on this forum may have had shooting underwater videos of aquatic insect emergence and other movement activity.

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