Cutthroat Fishing On Lake Sammamish


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No evidence but it certainly becoming a much more popular fishery for both general public anglers and guides.
There were some comments by anglers mentioning their success rates had dropped over the course of time.

Some guides take a single angler out and take home a boat limit of ten wild cutthroat.
That seems excessive to me to harvest 10 wild trout that are generally 14” or longer multiple days per week.

As I said earlier in this thread, it is a pretty unique fishery for wild trout in a urban setting.
They already have enough environment challenges without getting harvested.
If they were hatchery fish I wouldn’t care.
It’s a good fishery but I think has the potential to be world class.

I’ve also seem folks blame cutthroat for the lack of sockeye seasons on Lake WA, which is idiotic at best.
Sure, let’s release 65 million hatchery sockeye fry into the lake and expect native cutthroat not to eat them!

I’ve submitted reduced limits several times when the public is allowed to comment on proposed regulations.
Not sure how I missed this thread for so long, but this issue has been troubling me as well ever since I noticed the guide reports and pictures of up to 17 native cutts in one picture. I'm no biologist but these days it blows my mind that such a beautiful unique fishery with so many potential environmental issues would have such a liberal limit. Hard fighting wild cutthroat right in the middle of our Eastside cities! It's not easy but I have caught a few on the fly and it was a great experience. I have a buddy with a nice boat for Sammamish and we have enjoyed some great days catching and releasing these beautiful trout when our favorite rivers were blown out. I trust others have some childhood memories of this fishery.

I am not experienced in these kinds of battles but have been told that a good first step is to reach out to WDWF and inquire what kind of information they have that supports the notion that this management is not excessive.

SF- I'm not sure how the comments on regulation cycles work, but I am willing to do my part if you or anyone here has advice on what's needed and the timing.

Does anyone here have any solid evidence that a 5 fish limit is hurting these populations? Is it the assumption that because the fishing is good and fish are being kept that inevitably it will collapse? I am neither for or against lowering limits until it's studied. Seeing WDFW track record, might as well shut it down now....
I don't think anyone really knows much about the robustness of the lake Samm and WA trout populations.

Based from what I've been told, WDFW says it's safe from the limited data they have on it.

I think most are simply trying to get this fishery into a "play it safe" stage.

I think these populations deserve a bit more of study, especially with the increasing population of the surrounding areas, and the increase in angling pressure.

It's easier than ever for pressure to be increased on fisheries due to internet reporting with specific details and locations, a double edged knife situation imo.
Next time we can submit public comments on rule changes, you can submit your suggestions for reduced limits.
I can't remember when exactly the next public comment period will be. Perhaps someone will chime in on that.

I'd like to see a two fish limit myself in both Sammamish & Washington.
Those guys bonking those 14" cutts have no clue as to what the potential of those fisheries could be.
They catch a 18-20" and call them a hog. Those are nice fish but after seeing pictures the 14 lb Lake WA cutt, there is a lot more potential then 20".
I'm not saying everything will grow that big, but you'd think 5 lb cutts should be fairly common if so many weren't getting bonked.

It is cool to have such a great wild fish fishery in a urban setting.
Regardless that WDFW says they can sustain the current harvest levels, I'd rather play it on the safe side then have them be wrong.

Those Lake Washington Cutts are pretty tasty though. ;)

Washington State Dept of Health
Lake Washington


    • Limit Cutthroat Trout to 1 meal per month
can you find a picture of that gigantic cutthroat? i would love to see it