Short Bamboo Rod Challenge

Speedy recovery to the both of you....getting old sucks! I know all to well. :oops: The rod looks sweet! I'd say that's a shopkeeper cork a few myself. Lue and I fished lake Alice today, I released 41 stockers with 17 on the shorty with chironomids. Pumped a fish and it was full of #24 chironomids....:eek:!
Yes. It does. Funny where I'm seeing these things; when I do, I get an irrational sense of having contributed to someone else's project :)

That seat looks pretty nice on bamboo...
No, only 5 minutes lawn casting yesterday. My Banty is a great little caster out to 5o' and very accurate less than 45'. Definitely disillusioning how well it casts compared to a lot of fancy 7 and 7-1/2' rods I've tried. But pretty cool.

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