Short Bamboo Rod Challenge

You guys don't know what your missing! Pretty amazing what these dinky rods are capable of. My 5' with a 4wt Sylk will cast an indicator, swivel and two chironomids 40'. Max depth under the bobber is 7' because when the quick release indicator doesn't release....tough to net the fish! While fighting big fish with this reminds me of the "Popeil's Pocket Fisherman" :eek:
We fished shortys again on the other side of the Hood Canal bridge. Tied at eight each with twice as many missed. They're logging the crap out of that area...not much of a buffer to the!
Well, I got my 6 foot bamboo rod blank ordered to day. Should be here in a week or so. I couldn’t specify the taper, but was told it will be a Winston, P. H. Young or an Orvis taper. It is an Asian made blank but the price was right. Hope I can get it done in time.

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