Short Bamboo Rod Challenge

Ok...back to shortys---spring is here and the lowland opener is this weekend. So let's figure out soon where we can meet and cast/fish shortys. Any interest in this??


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Got the rod for my shorty project. Any tips on removing the ferrule from the mid section to install the grip? It looks like it's pinned.


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It's the ferrule on the grip end, so it would end up under the grip, which I guess would be fine. The other ferrules all seem good, so I'm leaving those alone.
Got the rod for my shorty project. Any tips on removing the ferrule from the mid section to install the grip? It looks like it's pinned.

Oops....didn't read it right. Take a sheet rock screw, (sharp point-hard metal) ands with a hammer, tap it below the ferrule wall. Try a lighter and pliers or I use a deep socket slipped over the ferrule as a slide hammer. If that doesn't work...go at it with those pliers and trash it off!
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I received my rod blank today. Looks good. I have set the ferrules and hope to have it together in the next week or two. Hope I won't be to late getting it done.
Keep going Jerry! You'll have time. Still awaiting responses from members if we want a shorty meet or combine the clave with shortys? I'm game for both...or I'll just keep on fishin! I'm putting on the last few coats of Tru Oil on another shorty, this one is a 6' Hardly clone.
I actually got out yesterday on a local lake - first time fishing since December 1! The weather was beautiful & it was great to see old friends again, but the fishing was slow for everybody. I did manage to catch a nice 15" rainbow on a holographic bloodworm fished under an indicator with the 6' 2-strip PMQ I made earlier this year, and also a few crappie using the 10' switch rod I normally use for fishing deep under an indicator.

The PMQ was plenty strong, and got the fish to the net quickly. I'm no Lee Wulff, Lue Taylor or Steve Kokita, but felt like I could have landed a bigger fish with the "shorty." I ended up sanding a thumb rest into the grip to help me keep the rod straight while casting. With no lateral support strips like you'd have with a hex or even a 4-strip quad, the rod casts goofy unless you keep it straight.

Way to go Tom! Glad you got out and broke in your shorty. I wish I was on the water yesterday rather than at work.....I'm not in the same class as Lee and Lue......they're both way older than me! (RIP Lee Wulff)
"35 more for shorty! Today in the rain under an indicator I missed twice that many....nothing big but fun!"

Man you are just killing me! I wish I had some time to follow you out to the lake and get into some action like you have been finding but I'm in the mist of a household move so I just have to enjoy your fun from afar. Thanks for the share but pictures would make it better LOL It's going to be a while before I get on the water again.


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