Short Bamboo Rod Challenge

Great Jerry! I havent fished Cottage either, but close to the clave, no gas motors and stockers. My pram needs a little TLC this summer, last day of school today! No more pencils, no more books, no more students dirty looks!! YA-HOOOO!!
I am thinking of hitting up the upper Dungeness River later this week. My wife and I went up there on the 4th and I fished for about an hour. I didn't catch anything. The fish are small, about 6 to 8 inches but it is a wonderful place to spend the day. Shorties are perfect for the upper Dungeness, fast water and small pocket water.
Great looking set-up!!! We just had a couple inches of rain here so the Bow and other larger streams will take a few days to clear so I may have to check out some more high country creeks in the next few days with the shorty... will post if I make it out.... Saskatoon berries are ripe so I will need to be wary of Yogi and BooBoo
The question of the day is what small stream? I fished the upper Dungeness yesterday with nothing so show for it. Like you said "Sure felt good"