Short Bamboo Rod Challenge

Closeup of the wraps on the banty. Black/White Jasper turned antique gold/green using amber shellac as the color preserver, and white tips which had to be color preserved separately with Al's CP. The amber shellac is either what the old rod makers used for those beautiful Granger Favorites, or it does a great job mimicking what those wraps look like after the varnish yellows for 50-70 years. Cool trick. View attachment 134341

Don't know but the first fish better be a good one 'cause the old rod I used for the tip will probably explode!
Alas, my shorty had an awesome day in the hands of my nephew on a feeder creek to the Yak until he caught his fly on a log on the far bank. I thought I'd show him how to throw a loop at the snag to dislodge the fly, took the shorty and made a quick, firm flick of my wrist....the top of the rod from 1/4" above the ferrule went sailing toward the log. Clean break right above the ferrule. I might try to cut it and reset the ferrule but the rod may have gone out in a blaze of fall dry fly action glory. It was fun while it lasted.

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