FS Custom Rb Meiser 14' 9/10 Mks Spey Rod- Never Fished!

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RB Meiser Custom Spey rod - 14' 9/10 MKS Mike Kinney Special includes rod tube and new Airflo Long Delta head with loops.

Custom rod blank, custom cork handle with part whiskey barrel lower handle. Beautiful Turkey and jungle cock feather inlay and gorgeous thread work- Recoil titanium snake guides.

I was injured on the job 3 weeks after buying this rod- it has only been cast a number of times with a few different lines and that's it. A rod of a lifetime that will last much longer. $575 including Airflo Long Delta belly.

Concrete Angler

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As with any custom kit, some pics would really assist the sale.

Sorry to hear about your injury... An on-the-job forklift accident took me out of snowboarding permanently in my youth. Good thing I can at least still fish.

Nooksack Mac

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I have the standard build version* of this rod, and it's now my regular tool for winter steelhead, a howitzer that rips a 680 grain head plus whatever tip and fly I care to use to the far shore, but feels more like a 13' 4" 7/8.

*"standard build Meiser" is an oxymoron.
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