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Old man said:
The reason for the rant was it seems like when ever anybody new gets on here they all ask the same questions :beathead: . If I was going someplace new I would do a little checking to see what is what. But as old as I am I really don't give a rats ass about anything :p . Except I wish the rivers would drop into some kind of fishable shape before I go completely nuts. :mad: bawling:

But everyone isn't you...

And look at it this way, because newbies ask these types of questions, it gives you the chance to get extra posts complaining! I bet that has inflated your post total by 25%!



Old Man

Just an Old Man
Oh the hell with it. I think that I have just about had it with giving out any info. If anybody needs any info on where to go or what to use your going to have to get it someplace else. No more mister nice guy. My lips are sealed and your all going to have to do your own exploring I'm done giving out any info.

Jim.... And I am now grouchier :mad:


Left handed Gemini.
As a recipient of the GOM's search suggestion I must say upon first reading it was quite daunting, in fact for awhile I was truely afraid to post for fear of looking totally stupid, but after lurking around it became fairly clear that sometimes the same questions are asked over and over and over again so I suppose that to the aged it must sort of seem like we're all little kids on a car trip asking are we there yet, are we there yet, please have patience with us GOM the trip is long and we have so far to go. Now I do the search first and just look stupid all on my own. It looks like we've wandered along ways from original thought on this thread may I suggest a GOM thread perhaps one that could just stay at the top forever without being bumped, it could have a catchy little title that would grab the interest of all newbies and be read first so that they would understand what they are getting themselves into when they join this board, better yet how about a GOM disclaimer that is required reading before being allowed to post.
Old man said:
Hey Mike. Did you ever use any of those flies that I traded to you for that sinking line. At least that line got me down to a nice fish. A 18" cutt in Lake 16 last spring.

"Lake 16" huh? Jim, even for a grumpy ole man whose sworn off giving out information, you just can't help but help can you? Ahhh, I guess there's some sweetness under there after all.
While your spilling the beans about your honey holes, would you mind giving us some directions on how to get there? -Maybe post a map or something. N' also, what kinda' flies, line, leader work best there? Are there any good shady spots for napping on the shore? Are there any donut shops nearby? I DID do a search on "old fashioned doughnuts", but I couldn't find anything in proximity to a "Lake 16"....we'd appreciate a few more specifics here! :p :p
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

yes, I'm kidding
I just read the short story by greg tims and it is extremely helpful! I would definitely suggest reading it to anyone who has questions about fishing in the salt!

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I've had a few second thought's on this subject and have decided to from now on just list a lake or a river and you can all put your map reading to the test. :p and your driving skills. :p


Mike Etgen

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Sorry to have overlooked your question last night.

Before I go on, let me say that you're a always a good sport. It wouldn't be so much fun to tweak your beard once in a while if you weren't so good about it. ;)

That said - sound likes we made a more-than-fair trade, because I always like to think it should work out well for everyone. I can't say I've caught a trout of that size with one of your wovens, but I have used a few in the last year, mostly the more "natural" colors and with the bead heads, and had some decent luck, especially using some as droppers under a stimulator. I'm planning to do much more fishing of all kinds this year than I did last and so I know I'll have more opportunites to work your flies.

Thanks for asking. And I still hope you get to do some fishing soon. That'll probably help as much or maybe even more than getting laid! :D

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