Pass Lake report?

I am heading there sunday and noticed a few people were headeing up today and was wondering how fishing was. Does anybody fish lake sammamish? I am thinkinng about venturing ou there tomorom afternoon, either that or the salt. Thank you
I was there with Diehard today and I'd say that, "frickin freezing" would be a good way to describe it. We each got a fish (a 12 inch rainbow and a 19 inch fat brown) and had a few more on in the late evening/early night; probably from about 4:45-7:00. We tried streamers most of the day and spent about an hour or so attempting to fish choronomids near the weedy point (no luck, but we didn't really know what we were doing either). Olive zonkers worked reasonably well in the evening, but I think the water might be a little colder than it has been in the past when I've fished the lake. We fished it last year in early Feb. and did considerably better in the evening/night with the same fly: I remember the water being a bit warmer then. Mostly fish hit when we casted toward the bank and stripped back in. Anyway, wrote a lot more than I expected but any info is good info right? Good luck, and wear some warm socks! :ray1:
I've fished with DieHard and he is just that, but let me get this straight.
You guys fished till 7pm? Were you in tubes? BRRRRRRRRR...
Thats team rugged material as far as I'm concerned brudda...

We were there a few weeks ago and the water was very cold , but I only fished a couple hours. I froze my feets off in my 'tooner boat. Can't imagine marinating waist deep in a belly boat.

Ah, to be young again

Thanks for the report and spring is comin',
LT :cool:
Yeah, I usually don't wuss out, but I was calling it quits after I could barely kick my tube anymore because my legs were so frozen. When I got out of the water, my legs and feet were so cold and numb that I had to literally crawl out of the lake and stumble to my car (it didn't help that I had leaky waders though). I was pissed I had to get out of the water, because in the last 30 minutes or so I was out, I had on 4 nice fish on that got off. :beathead:
So, for those who may be checking it out, only the top foot or so of water has warmed up so far. The rest is still pretty cold. If you are going to be tubing, definately bring a warm pair of socks, dry waders and some good thermal underwear if you want to stay out for more than a few hours. We saw two other guys out while we were there, but they were only out for an hour or two. We only saw a few small chrons hatching.
Icanfly - you can't have a fishing report that's too long. Thanks for the update. Sounds like hitting it in the evening dusk is the way to go. One thing I like about this winter fishing is that you don't have to get up early. Same on the Yak. Seems I start getting bites around 1 pm. Very civilized.


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Foot warmers are the way to go. Stick them to the insole on each foot. I've never had a problem except for getting too warm. (Make sure the package has a max temp of about 110. Anything higher will get uncomfortable.)

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Thanks for the report. I'll be there tomorrow in the A.M. Trying out my new neoprene socks. Hope they work, I froze my but off last weekend.