Pattern Bts Brush Fly


MA-9 Beach Stalker
BTS Brush Fly
A brush fly baitfish pattern meant to imitate a small Blacktail Snapper, which thrives in the lagoon on Christmas Island. Tied to 4" length. Intended to catch Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Brassy Trevally. This is a smaller baitfish pattern for selective trevally hunting fossilized coral ledges.
2/0 TMC 600SP Hook
EP Fibers 3D Sand
SF Flash Blend Mullet Brown
2 Yellow Saddle Hackles
2 Strands Krystal Flash UV Tan
Support tail with a 40 lb mono loop
2 small pieces of Tan Blood Quill Marabou to form mid body
5 strands SF Flash Blend Bleeding Red
EP Foxy Brush 3" Wide (Foxy Sand UV) 7-8 turns
Brush back to form a steamlined body
8.5 mm Eyes (Fish Skull Living Eyes)
Superglue and Zap-A-Gap Brush-On to secure eyes
Stroke tail fibers and Hackles lightly with a black Sharpie felt tip pen

Giant Trevally-1.jpg

Spot your target trevally, watch it's approach path, position yourself ahead of the fish while crouching down and strip out line. Cast the fly several feet in front of the trevally, strip once to get its attention and present a profile, then strip fast to trigger a strike. Strip set the hook hard with a long firm pull, repeat.
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