Dry Falls Trip/Meeting/Event III - 2005

Dry Falls CAN-AM Event Dates Poll

  • April 15, 16, 17

    Votes: 19 26.0%
  • April 22, 23, 24

    Votes: 28 38.4%
  • April 29, 30 & May 1

    Votes: 14 19.2%
  • I don't care I'm not going

    Votes: 12 16.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Idiot Savant
I 'spoze I oughtta wade in on this one...having been to the first two.

Hey BY, you gotta thing for A/O sunglasses, huh?

Zen, "tits dude"? How old are you?

Ive and I have yacked about doing the Seeps around the first half of April, maybe I need to burn some extra vacation...hmm.

I can bring two extra tubes and a extra set of fins, I usually have an extra rod or two and reels to boot.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Come on Backyard give us some good dates on this. But as you all know that these dates that he will enter will not work for everyone. But it is usually a weekend and most try to put in three days. Be it Friday thru Sunday. .

Last year was a blast. All everybody wanted to do was fish and all I wanted to do was drink ptyd ptyd ptyd .

How about April 15,16, and 17? We can't please everybody regardless of the date we pick so we just have to go for it and hope it is right for most.

Bob, the I have sent a signal up North to see if those dates would be OK.

Not trying to take charge, Alpine Trout is the American Captain of the CanAm Fishing Showdown, Backyard the assistant Captain and Bob is just the originator and top seeded fishermen . :D
Roper said:
Hey BY, you gotta thing for A/O sunglasses, huh?

I just need to get sponsored by A/O so I can replace all the pairs I've lost or broken... Me and glasses just don't mix. I've gotten 6 pairs of those amber ones from Ron, you know ron from the shop. In as many months. :beathead:

I'm open for any dates... I was hoping that 3 months notice would give everyone time to rally and get the schedules cleared.

My only concern is that "The Washington Fly Fishing Club" has their group coming out sometime in april I beleive. It's big lake but, we get 50+ people at these events. Plus those damn Canadians coming down and taking all the good camping spots. IF the WFFC shows up we could have near a 100 people on that poor lake. :hmmm:

Its ok though.. I'll just grab a sweet blow gun from the army supply store... and pick off tubes and pontoons of people not sporting allegiance to wff.com.
I'll even wear some reeltree camo, you know the kind that looks like reeds. Now theres some shit you can film zen. :rofl:


Idiot Savant
Backyard said:
My only concern is that "The Washington Fly Fishing Club" has their group coming out sometime in april I beleive....
I'll even wear some real tree camo...
Correct-o-mundo, I just checked their site, the date is still "TBA"....

real tree camo??? What? No ninja outfit...? Bummer Dude!

Old Man

Just an Old Man
You left one date off. "I don't care when it's happening I'm still coming". Besides it won't let me click on all of the other ones.

Jim ptyd ptyd


Workin in a sweet mullet
The weekend before would be better for camping, but there would be less people at the lake because they'll all be at the other lakes, plus I cant make it unless we do it the last weekend. :beer1:
I'm game like it aint no thang!!!! I have a MT trip planned for the weekend of 4/21-4/25 but I might rearrange depending on what is decided with the [email protected]#$%^ dates.

I vote for the April 8, 9, 10th, the earlier the better that other club I believe usually goes mid to end of April. Do you want some of this :beer1: :cool: ptyd or :beathead: ???

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