Achilles 13' Set up

Just picked up a used 13' Achilles River Raft with a rowing frame, but no oars. Can anyone help me on what length I may want to purchase. I am looking to keep this as a low budget project, so I am looking at buying new wooden oars at the local sporting goods store. Thanks in advance for your input


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I have a 13' Riken and have rowed several others and can only tell you that your boat will probably row well with 9' oars. The reason that I can't tell you more, is that the length of the oars is more dependant on the width of the frame (at the oarlocks) than the boat. If you get a chance, see if you can borrow a set of oars from someone first, and try them on your frame.


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I have a 13' achilles with an NRS frame and row it with 8.5' oars. I would highly recommend floating blades as well as getting graphite oars, they are a little bit more dough, but well worth it.