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We're going up to Campbell River, BC in a few days for some salmon fishing. When I'm not on the boat, I'm going to take my fly rod and explore some of the lakes and streams in the area. I know almost nothing about Vancouver Island so any pointers to steelhead or trout would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I'm also considering going, in August, and the following forum is the
best source I think exists for British Columbia fishing...I'm using it for other questions but I'm sure you'll learn tons by inquiring (and searching archives) there:

Good luck.
It's a bit of a drive from Cambell River, but if you have access to a car, drive south to the Cowichan River. It's a very beautiful river and productive for both trout and steelhead.

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Go to the libary and check out the book "To Learn a River" by Rodick Haugh-Brown(sp). It tells all about the rivers on that Island. I'm not to sure about the spelling of his name but I think that I'm close. Jim S. :THUMBSUP