Pass Lake Report


Mark Steudel
Fishboy usually does a good job at putting ona clinic. Fishboy, I noticed you have some new wheels, when did you ditch the yellow one?
The Togiak, a.k.a. the "KILLER BEE" has been retired, actually I gave it to a friend who didn't have a float tube. Now I'm all about the pontoon boat, It's definitely the way to go for lake fishing, except for the occasional dry-side hike in lakes...
Dan Soltau said:
Still an interesting trip and i learned that your feet stay much warmer without boots when useing fins! Thanks for the tip wayne.
I'm curious about not using boots with your fins. First of all, how does this make your feet warmer? And seccondly, does this work with Caddis fins, I can't picture using those without boots?
Monk said:
Improved circulation keeps you warmer.
as in blood curculation? If that's what your talking about, I still don't see how taking your boots off does any good. Maybe if they're too tight, but mine are pretty lightweight and allow plenty of blood flow. :confused:
try sticking your hand in a bag of ice with a tight leather glove on, then try it with a glove that is looser fitting. The air around your hand will remain warmer, thus keeping your hand warmer. This same concept applies to the rest of your body. That's why goose down is such a great insulator...

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