Hungarian Patridge

Every time I use Hung. Patridge as a soft hackle on any of my flies, it seems like it is always too long for each fly. I mean the feathers seem to work good on larger flies (10+), but when I see the flies with the patridge on other flies, it seems like it is a lot smaller than the ones I tie. So any suggestions on what feahters of the bird work best, or any info at all that would be great! thanks a bunch!

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The small feathers you are looking for are found on the neck and head of the partridge as well as on the upper and lower wing coverts which are the small feathers around the leading edge of each wing nearest the body.



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CH, I'm guessing that you are buying the small packs of loose hungarian partridge feathers. If you are, consider buying a full skin instead which should provide feathers of different sizes as needed. (~$12 - $20).


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You could try stripping the fibers off the stem and tie the stripped fibers on facing towards the eye of the hook before wrapping the body then fold them back and finish the head, this will prop them up and will look just like you used the entire feather, its a method I read about somewhere I forget but works for me when I have feathers that are too big for the hook I'm using, it also lets you use fibers that aren't so stiff giving better movement to the fly.

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All i use on my soft hackle flies are hungarian partridge. my feathers are small and once wrapped the hackle extends to the back of the hook and i tie mostly size 14 and 16 for soft hackles.