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I'd bring some IK's or inner tubes (to use when appropriate) so the kids will be able to get some space and have some fun. You can have everyone take turns in them. If you bring a couple of IK's, they will enjoy the freedom and build a sense of accomplishment if they navigate some small splashy rapids. And, by making them paddle together and be the safety boater for each other, you will also build a sense of teamwork and comradery - and hopefully increase the laughs on the trip and decrease the squabbling!

If you haven't done so already, I'd put in for the Smith tonight as tonight is the permit lottery deadline.

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Huge endorsement for the Middle Fork of the Salmon. They family will never forget the experience. Lots of things to do for everyone, hot springs, some whitewater, history and petroglyph's, swimming and splashing, and yes-even fishing!. In the upper half, every place you think should hold a fish will bring a strike.
The outfitters run a first class operation- let them handle all the tents, mats, sleeping bags, cooking, cleanup etc and you all can totally immerse yourselves in the wilderness experience along the river. We used Solitude and were VERY happy with them. They typically run a group of 3-4 rafts and a sweeper boat for all the gear. They accommodate fishing by getting the fisherfolks on a rafts together so those that don't want to fish can do other things on the trip down the river. Still get a nice Christmas card from the gang at Solitude every year!


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Hi all, I'm obliged to circle back to this thread from February. Thanks to your input, I chose the John Day (Twickenham to Clarno). My wife and I took five teens (13-15) beyond cell phone range for 4 days. We were DIY except for raft rental and shuttle from Service Creek. It was everything a parent could hope for. I know now more than ever that kids need that type of experience. The risks are there - it could go bad. But we got lucky I guess and there is real evidence that their lives "were changed for the better for ever" (their words). 4 days doesn't seem like a long time to me but I could see through their eyes that time stood still for a bit. With the right eyes, 4 days is infinite - or at least enough to look out at mysteries that don't show up in snapchat . . .

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll offer in return that teenagers suck. They drive a guy nuts. But I'd rather float down the river with them than guys in my age range any day. The rewards are that much sweeter . . .


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Just out of curiosity and for future reference: When did you go and what were the flows? Have the same trip on the radar for when the kids get older. Thanks.


Might want to check out Stehekin Valley Ranch at the end of lake Chelan. No cell phones, horse back riding, float trips, hiking, great food, good fishing. Dad wins, daughters don't hate you.
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Got off the river yesterday. Flow were 1050cfs and falling fast. A few hundred more cfs would have helped push the rafts against the afternoon winds. I'd go a bit earlier if I could do it again and school schedules weren't an issue. Or maybe in the fall and leave the kids at home but take the bird dog . . .
Just out of curiosity and for future reference: When did you go and what were the flows? Have the same trip on the radar for when the kids get older. Thanks.

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