FS Acr Custom Spey Rod With Nautilus T12

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F08F53BC-7518-4E4E-A3B8-90EED5A41A03.JPG F9589691-EF4A-4CE7-9A9E-61DF7A3D5685.JPG 95ADDEB5-3FEF-49EB-8DE5-23651E473F2B.JPG Almost new Anderson custom Spey rod 14'1" 8 wt. comes with Nautilus T12 backing, running line and 600g Skagit line. Bought for a trip to BC, but never used. Cast a couple times, but never fished. Over $1100 invested, $600 plus $30 for shipping. Prefer contact by email or phone [email protected] 775-722-8418 Thanks PRICE DROP $500 plus postage.
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David Loy

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This is a great deal for someone. ACR builds a really nice rod! Gary stands behind his rods too. I know.
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