Tim Rajeff Talks Glass Vs Graphite...

Randall Clark

Huge Fly Guy
I like watching that video, especially when he nonchalantly casts with his left hand and casts both rods in one hand. I think the only graphite rod I have that I use relatively regularly is a 10' 4wt that I use for trout nymphing (long glass is too much work for that kind of fishing)....but I totally agree that it's more about the fun factor for me and I've always accepted the (minor) limitations of the material and in the vast majority of situations I wouldn't have it any other way (not just for trout and bass fishing, but for muskies as well). I also think that there's a lot more technology in the glass rods currently being put out that narrows that performance (speaking distance here) gap some as well.


Mark Mercer

Thanks for posting that Ron, Glass rules !!! I still use plastic for the salt (other than the 3wt glass switch ) but every year I can't wait for the streams to open so I can break out the glass and have some fun.

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