NFR: Baseball fans-I hope you saw it!


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The Dominican Republic versus USA game last night was just a classic. The Giancarlo Stanton home run would have been enough highlight reel but the Adam Jones catch was the icing on the cake. Stanton-the most powerful man in baseball-squared up a pitch that left the ballpark in a hurry. With an exit velocity of almost 176' per second the 450' trip into the second deck took about 2.5 seconds. Stanton in the only guy in baseball that can hit a ball out at 120mph and it was certainly impressive to see it in such an important game and critical situation.

All Mariners fans remember Adam Jones-the brilliant center fielder traded away for a fading Erik Bedard. One of the worst trades in baseball history. Jones-an All Star-made one of those game saving catches last night that people will talk about for years the likes of which only occur once or twice a decade. It was thrilling baseball well played and the relief pitching in the 9th inning was masterful. Just a wonderful game to watch.

And much to the delight of the viewing audience the game was broadcast by guys that know the game instead of the mush mouthed Joe Buck that has to be suffered through during the World Series.

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