I've used the search to find threads on balance. There is not much information out there on it. I would think that it would be important but maybe it is not that critical. Is it?
How do you balance a rod when building one?
How about one you've already purchased? Do you add or subtract lead from the butt?
How do you balance a single hand verses a double?
Hi Fishhunter! Yes--balance is an extremely important element of a custom fly rod...and of enjoying your whole day on the water! I'll try and post some thoughts on this tomorrow (I'm down hard with a flu right now but couldn't resist a quick visit to my favorite boards!). :eek:

You might want to try a search--or a post--at There was an excellent article in one of the back issues of RodMaker Magazine on this as well, and there may be some reference to it at that site.

Sorry I can't contribute more right now.
i stating the obvious, but the reel is a major part of balancing a rod, as is a fighting butt/no butt, even sinking vs floating line. certainly a well balanced rod tires the arm less over a days casting and just feels better all the time. for many of us, however, it is a lost consideration. i am giving some thought to how the wonderful antler reel seat i am planning to use soon will play in as is noticibly heavier than most reel seats.

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I have to agree with Tony. I want to add that with quality blanks, balance isn't a problem. Where you run into balance problems is with older technology blanks - particularly 4 and 5 piece lower cost blanks.

While using a heavier reel will balance out a top heavy blank, a more pleasing solution is to buy a better blank - one that will balance with a modern reel. This may sound trite and simplistic having to strap on a heavier then necessary reel is ALMOST as annoying as casting a top heavy rod.

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