radiation from japan killing salmon


From ENE NEWS. Hundreds of millions of pacific salmon missing presumed dead- gov't issue emergency order along us west coast-japan suffering historic collapse,fish starving-all forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers in the pacific. The failed plant in japan still leaking tons of radiation into the ocean.

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Regarding ENE NEWS...
ENENews, or Energy News, is a fear mongering anti-nuclear news aggregator that was created in response to the Fukushima I nuclear accident. The site tends to have three different types of posts: posts that imply the Fukushima accident has poisoned the entire Pacific Ocean and adjacent coastlines (as if a single nuclear accident could do such a thing) and that "They" are covering up the true scale of the disaster. The site also features posts that report on any and every case of animal death and disease that occurs in the Pacific Ocean and adjacent coastlines, and posts that claim that the Fukushima reactors are seconds away from exploding again and releasing more pollution.
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An old friend repeated the scare story to me last Tuesday, especially concerning the BC salmon found to contain cesium 134. Then this past weekend I saw and read the article that ChaseBallard linked above indicating that the amount of radioactive material in a Pacific Ocean salmon is less than what we routinely receive from a dental X-ray.

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