radiation from japan killing salmon

Gary Thompson

dirty dog
Where do you pee while fishing?
This whole concept that it is them not me needs to go away.
Rob, I pee in the brush and if I have to I shit, I shit in the woods just like a bear.
It's not about what you or I do, do,do. It is about what industry does all the time in the same place.
Just like all of the people in Seattle shitting in the same place over and over. What a mess.
Radiation will never go away or be cleaned up, the plastic will never go away. You might not be able to see "it", but "it" will always be here, there, and everywhere. May not be enough to kill today, but we all got to die sometime, so WTF

Dave Boyle

Active Member
No argument there.

I would venture to guess that at least Columbia River salmon get more radiation from plumes of radioactive materials in the water spreading down from Hanford, than from Fukushima. That is totally a guess, no evidence to back it up, but I have heard the Columbia River is the most irradiated river in the world (probably outside of Russia!).

Hanford really is a belter. In a past job I went out to the Pacific NW National Labs, PNNL a couple times looking at collaborative opportunities and got the big tour of the whole facility, well most of it that wasn't top secret. They have a hydrology group there that tracks the nuclear waste 'plume' under Hanford that is gradually but inexorably creeping towards the Columbia. They're looking for ways to prevent this of course but my opinion was that it was a bit like death & taxes, its inevitable. When it does there's be a continual leaching of waste into the river. Don't know how much radioactive material will be released but there's a lot under there and its a ssslooooowww process.

Something else our grand kids will thank us for.


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